Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This was a big river*

I've heard it said that some people view money as being like a river - continually streaming past, and you dip your pot in as and when necessary trusting that the river will provide. Others choose to damn the river, terrified that it might stop running, and create a big reservoir.

By the looks of it, Fat Fred seemed to be more of a river dipper, continually trusting that the river would keep flowing whilst appearing to have ignored the fact that what was once a gushing torrent had turned into a babbling brook.

By contract, Jabba's latest statement reveals him to be a dam-builder, seemingly unwilling to turn the tap until such time as the reservoir has grown so that it can sustain more than our current crop of expenses.

So whilst Fat Fred would merrily agree to all sorts of staged payments for players, the recent discussion about James Milner's rumoured transfer to Man City suggests that, to Jabba, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Anyway, as a result of the staged payment approach, we're due cash over the summer for Obafemi Martins, Charles N'Zogbia and David Rozenhal(!). However, because our finances are in such a mess, it turns out that all the money coming in from these sales will be heading straight back out of the door and into the pockets of Barclays Bank who kept us afloat last season.
*with apologies for the gratuitous use of a Jimmy Naill lyric...


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