Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spotlight on Spidermag: Argentina v Mexico

With Spidermag available again after suspension, Diego Maradona chose to stick with Nicholas Otamendi at the back, leaving him kicking his heels on the bench for much of the game.

Our man finally saw some action in the 79th minute as Argentina sought to waste some time and protect their 3-1 lead over Mexico.  Spidermag came on to play in his favoured left wing role, replacing Angel Di Maria.

With Argentina largely seeking to sit on their lead, he didn't see much of the ball, and the likelihood of his being restored to the starting line-up looks slim ahead of Argentina's quarter-final match against a German side which would doubtless look to focus their attentions on our man, should he appear at right back.


Blogger Ben said...

A bit harsh that he's gone from being a fixture in the side to being a peripheral player, all because of being shoehorned in out of position. That said, you're probably right about what would happen if he does return at right back - I wouldn't fancy his chances up against the in-form and free-playing Ozil...

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