Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quote of the day

"There's never been any suggestion that racist abuse of players was once widespread in this region - along with many other parts of the country. Our own recollections, other fan reminiscences and memoirs from the likes of Bobby Barnes and Viv Anderson cover the subject well."

It's usually a chilly day in hell when we find ourselves disagreeing with .com - but, in writing the above in indignant response to wide-of-the-mark comments originally made about the fans' treatment of Andy Cole in this Guardian article, it's clear Biffa and Niall haven't been reading The Football Supporter lately...

Rather than flatly denying racism was an issue and - worse still - childishly throwing stones back in Chelsea's direction, why not be mature, accept it was a problem and acknowledge that it's been almost wholly eradicated but also endorse the continued efforts of the club and the wider football community to keep it that way?


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