Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quote of the day

"[Billy Davies] sounded like a man in denial and there has been a lot of that at St James' Park lately. More than a week after Steven Taylor had his jaw doubly broken in an alleged altercation with Andy Carroll Newcastle still refuse to comment on the incident. Considering Taylor has been left feeding through a straw as he recovers from complex surgery and Carroll sports bandages on both hands such silence is profoundly depressing. So, too, is Hughton's decision to keep selecting a striker whose current good form seems to have obscured a bigger picture. This entire episode has disappointed Hughton's admirers, leaving him looking weak."

Louise Taylor can't resist following up Saturday's anti-Hughton froth with more of the same in her report on last night's game. When .com first flagged up the Mackem tendencies of someone they've now taken to referring to as "that woman", I was inclined to view it sceptically as mere paranoia, but it really does seem as though she'll take any opportunity to stick the boot in.

While it is perhaps surprising that Bigger Lad doesn't appear to have been disciplined, I for one am very pleased that for once we seem determined to deal with the matter behind closed doors. And as for all these "disappointed admirers" who have left Hughton "looking weak", I'd love to know where she found them...


Blogger seanp said...

I rather think we've had enough of "that women" and her muck-raking journalism! I've emailed the club and urged them to ban the women from the stadium - I suggest others do the same. Other clubs don't put up with this sort of thing - why should we?

12:21 pm  
Blogger castle said...

I couldn't agree more...

"Hughton had suddenly lost sight of the bigger picture" - ?

"Hughton has surely been diminished by the entire sorry affair" - ?

"he (Hughton) now looks weak" - ?

I can't imagine what has made her drum up such nonsense. Perhaps she has her eye on a 'sensationalist' position within Fox sports in the US.

1:26 pm  

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