Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In a season which has, refreshingly, been largely bereft of scandal and intrigue with headlines focusing on our table topping form rather than anything else, it is typical of Newcastle that it would never last.

Sure enough, the Times is today carrying reports of a training ground bust-up between Steven Taylor and Bigger Lad, which has apparently left the former with a suspected broken jaw.

That a salacious story would emerge featuring two of our best players, both locals who should understand the importance of representing the club in their behaviour, is somewhat depressing.

If true, then it will almost certainly rule Taylor out for the rest of the season, and also does little to enhance the unwanted side of Bigger Lad's reputation. It's all well and good becoming the new Duncan Ferguson, but is it really too much to ask that he only models himself on our erstwhile striker's on-pitch behaviour?


Blogger megazoid said...

Considering Duncan Ferguson is the only ever footballer to spend time inside for an incident which happened on the pitch (an off-the-ball assault on John McStay of Raith Rovers when he was at Rangers which led to Ferguson’s incarceration within Barlinnie prison) I would hope that big Andy won't model himself on Duncan Disorderlys on pitch behaviour!

1:42 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Fair comment, Megazoid.

This is so unbelievably frustrating - everything was going swimmingly, with promotion within touching distance, and suddenly it's back to the dark ages. I spent most of February's Month Of Saturdays heaping praise on Bigger Lad for his application and performances, though noted that his dubious extra-curricular activities needed to be curtailed if he's to attain legendary status. And here he is in March, carrying on exactly where he left off - banging in crucial goals on the pitch, and committing alleged assault off it.

Paul's point about both Carroll and Taylor being local lads is worth reiterating. It's often said that, for a club who've employed so many lazy mercenaries in recent years, it's invaluable to have Geordies in the squad who fully appreciate what it means to play for their hometown club - but by the same token they've surely got to realise that their duties and responsibilities don't end when they walk down the tunnel?!

We've been here before, of course, with Messrs Dyer and Bowyer. In some senses that flare-up was worse because it took place during a game in full view of thousands of people, but on the other hand it was little more than handbags, whereas this has left both players needing surgery. The chances of the damage being repaired and both players remaining at the club beyond the summer now look slim - and that's very much our loss.

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