Thursday, February 04, 2010

Turkish delight - soon to turn to Turkish disappointment

Turns out we weren't the only ones delighted by the departure of Geremi for Ankaragucu. When the rumours of the deal first surfaced, one-time England striker Darius Vassell wrote excitedly on his blog about the Cameroon midfielder's potential arrival in Turkey. Presumably now that he's seen his new team-mate in what allegedly passes for "action", Vassell is no longer labouring under the misapprehension that he's lining up alongside a "superstar"...

Incidentally, if you're labouring under your own misapprehension that a footballer's life is nothing but glitz, glamour, excess and shagging your team-mate's wife, Vassell's blog sets that straight - detailing as it does everything from run-ins with Turkish cashpoints to the long-awaited arrival of a new washing machine and dryer. He's been getting increasingly desperate at the "mounting of clothes" that's been building up - certainly puts the crises at Pompey and Palace into perspective.

Meanwhile, the Mackems were let off by the Premier League, who accepted their explanation that the reason paperwork pertaining to Benjani's loan move from Man City missed Monday's 5pm deadline was because, in the words of Ol' Cauliflower Face, "we’ve had big difficulties with emails and what have you". C'mon Brucey, own up - no one knew how to operate your internet computer, did they? Should have just relied on the trusty carrier pigeon.

One Mackem who won't be getting the opportunity to see Benjani in action in person is John Davison, this week handed a three year ban for shouting racial abuse at someone who just happened to be the mother of his side's leading scorer, Darren Bent. He sent flowers and a letter of apology, but apparently nothing says you're sorry quite like getting a tattoo of your victim's son on your arm...

Also involved in unsavoury news this week is Billy Davies. While the Baggies were busy beating Blackpool to vault his Forest side into the second automatic promotion place, Davies was whining about being kneed in the back of the leg by his opposite number Nigel Clough following Saturday's 1-0 defeat to Derby. Clough has brushed off the incident: "It was just a melee and arms and legs were flying. If anybody was accidentally caught, that is what happens". Davies, though, has declared "The matter is now in the hands of my lawyers" and is presumably going to claim that Clough was calling him nasty names too. What does he expect - Clough to be told to sit on the naughty step?


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