Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Al salutes Hughton's heroics

On Saturday thousands of fans united to declare their appreciation of manager Chris Hughton and now another one's got in on the act: Wor Al.

"Chris Hughton has done a fantastic job this year in just steadying the ship. They are playing some decent football, they are getting good results and they are rightly sitting at the top of the league. They probably will go up and deserve to go up.

Then the next job starts. It's a big one after that and they won't thank me for saying it, but they are almost there. Chris has done a magnificent job in getting them into the position they are in and he certainly won't admit they are nearly there because a manager can't do that.

But privately he will be thinking they are nearly there and if they are there he will want a crack at it and he deserves it.

High praise indeed coming from a man who knows only too well from first-hand experience how big a task steadying the ship would have been.


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