Monday, January 18, 2010

Rock steady crew

The club have announced that the taxpayers' favourite bank Northern Rock have signed up for a further four years of club sponsorship in a £10 million deal. Quite a change from the £25 million they paid for a five-year deal last time round (which we got up front and splurged on Michael Owen). Hopefully, from the club's budgeting point of view, we'll be getting it in chunks of £2.5 million a year as a nice regular income, rather than leaving a bloody great hole in our finances again.

Nice too that we retain close local ties between team and sponsor - something perhaps sadly lacking from a significant number of clubs at our level and above. (Although to be fair, if a foreign investor offered us a fraction more money, you can bet Jabba and co would bite their hand off).

Telling that the price is so heavily reduced - last time round we were a Premier League club and attracted an England international with the cash. This time round we're a Championship team (albeit one top of the division) and with less money lying around for sponsorship, I'm guessing that even if we'd stayed in the top flight we wouldn't have received the same income.

With both club and sponsor looking to recover after a shaky last few years, it would be nice to think we could both help benefit each other. As the BBC article notes, in order to receive all the cash we need to stay in the Premier League for the whole four year period, with the potential to only receive £1.5 million if things go horribly awry on the pitch.


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