Monday, January 04, 2010

Quote of the day

"Most footballers are knobs."

A precious insight courtesy of our very own ASBO, as delivered in an interview on Radio 4's Today programme when it was guest-edited by (gulp) Tony Adams.

Our occasional midfielder went on to clarify his statement: "They are so detached from real life it's untrue". Interesting, your use of "they" there, Joey. It's almost as though you're excluding yourself from this damning assessment of your fellow professionals, when in fact your track record would suggest you're the most prize knob of them all. (As the Guardian's Barney Ronay put it, "Barton has been handy shorthand for football knobbery in all its forms".) Still, nice to know you're happy to let your gob do the talking rather than your feet.

Incidentally, Ronay's comment piece is worth a quick read - if you can overlook the description of ASBO as "an articulate speaker", that is...


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