Friday, November 13, 2009

Jabba out, fans in

Let us announce (belatedly) our support for the NUST's Yes We Can campaign, officially launched on Tuesday, by giving them a platform and posting their rallying cry:

"Today the Newcastle United Supporters Trust formally launches an ambitious bid to take back our football club. We need supporters like yourself to back a supporter takeover - for more information visit

There are a number of ways to invest in the club and after discussions with serious Newcastle-based investors we believe that the time is right for the fans to lead the charge and reclaim their football club. The investment is backed by a local consortium of companies advising the Trust, and we've made sure that any investment is safe and guaranteed to be returned to you if the bid fails.

The Yes We Can campaign will run for 6 weeks, and we have a financial target which we are not announcing yet, as we want to negotiate from a position of strength with Mike Ashley.

The fans can lead the way where others have failed - by standing together and investing together - we can make our club the shining beacon of honesty and integrity and bring the city together to save our club from the current regime, its mistakes and its calculated snubs.

When Derek Llambias said the fans could not buy the club - we said YES WE CAN - and now we aim to prove it with your support.

Newcastle United Supporters Trust on Behalf of the City of Newcastle, Geordies and Newcastle Supporters everywhere.

Will the campaign take off and ultimately succeed in giving us fans at least a stake in the club or even ousting Jabba? We'll have to wait and see, but it does at least seem promising.

As an aside, it's interesting to note in the BBC piece on the campaign launch that they carefully avoid referring to the stadium's new name, just as Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes did on The Football League Show at the weekend. If the rebranding was an attempt to get everyone mentioning the name of your business and thereby raise its profile, Jabba, then it doesn't really seem to be working...


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