Friday, November 06, 2009

Grin and bear it

Has your club just saddled its famous old ground with a ridiculous moniker that sounds more like an email address (even if it might prove to have been a trend-setting move among the big boys)?

Has the decision earned your club no extra revenue whatsoever? (And this when it's announced that the club's revenue has halved as a direct consequence of relegation?)

Has the idiot who dreamt up the idea - the latest in a long line of catastrophic decisions - just announced he's taken the club off the market and will be staying put for some time to come?

Does your club have to suffer the potential ignominy of being cherry-picked by the likes of Bolton?

Hey, but at least there's a game of football tomorrow (albeit sandwiched by protests). We kick off top of the league and at home to Darren Ferguson's already relegation threatened Posh. It could be worse, you know. Of course you do.


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