Friday, October 30, 2009

Sol seeking

According to today's Guardian, Sol Campbell and Newcastle Utd are currently embroiled in a process of flirtatious glances which might ultimately lead to some form of marital bliss.

Sol mysteriously states that he has "his reasons" for being attracted to Newcastle, which would appear to stretch beyond simply the fact that we're top of the Championship and prepared to pay him a decent wedge to do what he does best.

I seem to recall that at the time when we last exchanged flirtatious texts with Sol, before he ran off for his ill-advised dalliance with Sven, that Campbell's current partner is based in the North East, and they'd just bought a large house somewhere in Northumberland. It therefore makes sense that Sol would rather play around much closer to home.

Of course, the union does depend on the small matter of his divorce from Notts County ever coming through, the jilted bride reportedly insisting on a five year gagging order to prevent Sol from selling his kiss and tell story to the press.


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