Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quote of the day

(A very belated one, admittedly...)

"Alan [Shearer] is a guy I have got an awful lot of respect for as a player and as a man".

Oh ASBO, I can only hope you're not deluding yourself into thinking that that respect might possibly be mutual - but somehow I doubt it.

The right honourable gent also told Sky Sports of his injury: "I eventually sat down with the club and said this isn't fair on anyone: the lads who aren't playing because I'm playing, to the people who pay to come and watch and you, and most of all myself. You try and run off injuries sometimes, but when you get a bit older you think this isn't possible."

Two things, ASBO, both relating to your use of the word "eventually":

1. It's not as though you've played that many games this season, is it? So don't go suggesting we should be grateful to you for plugging away through the pain barrier.

2. On the other hand, it also implies it took you some time to decide to 'fess up - and so until then were perfectly happy to be unfair on everyone, allowing your ego to get in the way of doing what was best for the club and admitting you weren't up to it. Thanks for that.


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