Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jabba's Palace?

Confirmation of the worst - the club has been taken off the market (again). Presumably Barry Moat couldn't find the £80 million cash that Jabba the Hutt wanted to sell the club and fuck off back to Tatooine, so instead we're condemned to live out a further few months (at least) of bare faced lies and insults as our club is dragged further into the mud by the cronyism of the current administration.

Displaying an unenviable gift for kicking people when they are down, this particularly delightful news story also contains the gem that as well as renegotiating our shirt sponsorship deal next season, lucky punters will also be able to bid for the right to name St James' Park. Not even Fat Fred was greedy enough to try that one on.

Seriously, is anyone going to call our stadium anything other than St James' Park, in the same way that most right thinking individuals still talk about the Gallowgate and Leazes ends of the ground?

The third snippet to emerge from the club is that Chris Hughton has now been given an 18 month contract as manager. Nice though Chris Hughton seems to be, working under what must be incredibly trying circumstances, I just don't think he has a sufficiently steely streak to make it as a top class manager.

Obviously I desperately hope to be proved wrong, but for my money he's all too reminiscent of Glenn Roeder, and even if he does take us straight back to the Premiership, I can't see him having the pulling power to attract players good enough to keep us there, or the motivational skills to get the team going when the going gets particularly tough.

For a slightly more measured response, read George Caulkin's comments here.


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