Monday, October 05, 2009

By royal appointment

At the start of the summer, what odds would you have got on Alan Shearer being appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Northumberland but not manager of Newcastle Utd?

The Duchess of Northumberland, whom Wor Al will be assisting, commented: "I would find it difficult to think of anyone else in the region who is so symbolic of all that is great in the North East. Alan is respected and revered in the region and I am certain that he will be an excellent Deputy Lieutenant." Note the careful choice of words - not "respected and revered THROUGHOUT the region" - but then the realm of the Great Unwashed hardly matters, does it?

(On a tangential note, the chaps on Cheer Up Alan Shearer are currently counting down their Top 10 TV Football Moments - worth a peek, not least to be reminded of that spectacular own goal by Bury's Chris Brass which, to add injury to insult, also broke his nose...)


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