Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cash up front

According to the Guardian, this week represents make or break as far as any potential takeover of the club is concerned. With reports suggesting that the only credible purchaser is one being led by local businessman Barry Moat, the question seems to boil down to whether Moat has the cash to back up his interest. If he does, then Alan Shearer could get his wish to pick up where he left off at the end of last season.

However, if the Moat runs dry then Ashley is talking about taking the club off the market (again) and installing an interim manager (again). Current names being bandied about are Gordan Strachan, Alan Curbishley and David O'Leary. The rumour mill would have it that, rather than either the manager who was successful at a big club where your every decision as manager is analysed or the man who successfully guided a team out of the old Second Division and kept them in the top flight for a prolonged period, Fat Mike's preferred option is the man no other club has wanted for several years ever since his CV was blotted (again).

Unlike JFK, O'Leary at least has no history of heart failure. However, his track record of man-management is spectacularly poor, as shown by his senseless decision to sell his side of the Bowyer/Woodgate affair which prompted his team to implode spectacularly - something Alan Smith no doubt well remembers.

If we really are keen to avoid "doing a Leeds" then employing the man who was at the helm when the wheels fell off surely isn't the way to go about doing it.

Having said that, even O'Leary's unique brand of management has got to be better than Chris Hughton's well-meaning but ultimately uninspiring attempts.

Whatever we do, it looks like we might actually reach the end of the transfer window with a manager in place. Hopefully whoever that is will be able to address the serious deficiencies in the squad before the end of the month. With only twenty days to go, the clock is ticking.


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