Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Strip tease

Our new away kit. Bloody hell. As if pulling on a Newcastle shirt wasn't already a source of shame and public humiliation. Clearly it's been decided that if we're going to play in the Championship then we should at least be dressed like a Championship side.

The official site declared the strip "stylish". Either the club is scaling impressive new heights of denial (expect an insistence shortly that, contrary to popular belief, eggs is not eggs) or they've enthusiastically adopted equal opportunities policy by providing writing jobs for the blind.

Credit to Steven Taylor for managing what might pass for a smile while modelling the shirt (though to me it looks more like a rictus grimace than a grin) - perhaps he was able to console himself with the thought that, if the dithering over Wor Al's appointment goes on any longer, he may not have to wear it again anyway.


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