Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Counting down the days

It hardly counts as news, but Little Saint Mick can't wait to get the hell out of Toon. "I can't see me staying at Newcastle. I'm still a Newcastle United player but only for a matter of weeks."

Our end-of-season nemesises Hull City have been the first club to declare a real interest, with Phil Nut-Brown blabbering: "He needs to spend a high percentage of next season's games at the highest possible level and that's where we can come in". It's a sad day indeed when the Tigers can offer him that, and we can't.

I have to admit that Owen's stats surprised me - 30 goals in 79 appearances, of which 14 have been from the subs' bench, albeit over the course of an injury-plagued four seasons. Didn't stop me from reading his comment about having "a skin thicker than 99.9% of the population" and wondering if that's what's been slowing him down, though...


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