Thursday, March 26, 2009

News just in: pot calls kettle black

Wigan chairman Dave Whelan must have an awful lot of time on his hands - time that might be better spent, say, attracting a fanbase for his Mickey Mouse club - judging by the number of occasions he finds to spout forth about us and his business rival Mike Ashley in particular.

The latest tirade? "He’s got what he deserved at Newcastle. Newcastle are a very big club and you don’t go in there and lower all the standards. He turns up wearing a replica top in the boardroom. No class whatsoever. The minute he arrived there and turned up in the boardroom in a replica shirt and jeans and a pair of trainers, the club was gone."

So, let's get this straight, Dave: you're accusing Ashley of having "no class" but think nothing of renaming your club's stadium after yourself? That takes a very impressive lack of self-awareness.

Take your bitterness - and your persistent attempts to talk up Ol' Cauliflower Face's chances of taking charge on Tyneside - and fuck off, you senile old duffer.


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