Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mutiny on the sinking ship?

If an anonymous "club insider" is to be believed - and your guess is as good as mine - there's mutiny in the air: "The players have all been talking about how they need someone of real authority to sort it out. There is no leader since Joe Kinnear took ill. It is not that they don’t respect Hughton as a coach because they do, but he is no manager."

Which, inevitably, means that rumours of Terry Venables clambering on board have resurfaced. The pessimist in me feels he'd still struggle (not least because of the way the players don't seem to be pulling together behind Hughton) and would abandon ship quicker than you could say "jellied eels" at the end of the season - but we're in dire straits and without the luxury of time, gambling on him being able to steer us to safe waters might be worth it.


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