Thursday, March 12, 2009

Going for a Bassong?

Young? Yep. French? Yep. Sebastien Bassong certainly fits Arsene Wenger's usual criteria, so it's little surprise Arsenal have been credited with an interest in him.

A fee of £6m has been bandied about - not sure where that's come from, but it would represent a significant profit on a player who cost us only £1.5m last summer. After a slow start, he's gradually made himself a fixture in the side, a more stable presence at the back than the older and more experienced Fabricio Coloccini.

To his credit, his comment on the rumour - "My agent told me about Arsenal's interest and it would be a lie if I said they are not a club I'm interested in" - doesn't exactly suggest a desperate straining at the leash, but who wouldn't be flattered by being linked to Arsenal when they're currently staring relegation in the face?

(Funny, isn't it, how Arsene Wenger is always described as having his eye on players across Europe, but never seems to see anything his own charges do on the pitch?)

Meanwhile, earlier in the week it was revealed that Juan Riquelme turned down a lucrative offer to join us next season. And who can blame him, with it still far from clear which league we'll be in? Another name to add to the list of laughably ambitious attempted signings, then - a shame, as a playmaker of his calibre just behind a front two or lone striker is what we so often evidently lack.


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