Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The appliance of science

Fascinating news today from the world of science - no, not a cure for cancer or the discovery of the reason Alan Smith exists, but the revelation by researchers (or "boffins" or "eggheads", in true Sunspeak) of the formula for a "perfect penalty".

Let's just analyse Obafemi Martins' spot-kick against the Gunners on Saturday to see how it compares...

"The SHOT should be 65mph or more." I doubt it very much.

"This requires a RUN-UP of five to six paces, commencing from the edge of the 18-yard line — approaching the ball at an ANGLE of 20 to 30 degrees." Well, he started in about the right place but was far too straight on.

"And it must CROSS the goal line at exactly 0.5m below crossbar and 0.5m inside either post." Er, no.

So, Oba, your penalty was just about as imperfect as it could have been. Best get doing your homework then - either that, or hoping Little Saint Mick's on the pitch next time the ref points to the spot.


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