Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"Don't blame me..."

... was the gist of the comments Little Saint Mick made about contract negotiations in the wake of the Stoke game. Instead he laid responsibility squarely at the door of the "turmoil" which has engulfed the club since Kevin Keegan's departure: "We had a few meetings earlier on in the season and things were going fine. Then the manager left as did someone on the board who we were negotiating with - talks haven't picked up since." The fact that he immediately added "Before it's gets twisted again, that's not me snubbing Newcastle" suggests an understandable weariness and cynicism about the press speculation.

JFK - whom Mick claimed "has had a steadying influence on the club and has done really well" - has said he's keen to see the striker stay at the club beyond the summer, but it looks as though the ball's very much in Mike Ashley's court. It's no surprise Little Saint Mick wants to feel wanted, but at the moment, despite his continuing goalscoring exploits when not exactly bang in form, there's not much evidence he actually IS wanted. By us, that is - according to a suspiciously quote-free article in the Sun, both Chelsea and Spurs are looking on with interest.

In other news, to no surprise whatsoever JFK has received yet another red-headed letter from the FA for his antics on Saturday afternoon. Someone should tell him it's wins he should be trying to collect, not touchline bans - or maybe he's just trying to identify with the common fan by getting a similar perspective on the game?

There being precious little to smile about at St James's Park at the moment, we're having to look further afield for cockle-warming cheer - so congratulations to old boy Matty Pattison for scoring one and creating the other in a 2-0 victory for Norwich in the East Anglian derby, under the stewardship of Messrs Roeder and Clark, and also to Sir Bobby Robson for being awarded the freedom of the city of Durham. Not sure what that gets him - a big key? The licence to graze his flock in the city's parks?

And last but not least, looks as though we're not going to have the pleasure of welcoming Monkey's Heed back to the Stadium of Shite. Shame, that...


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