Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In suspense

Porridge has, today, been handed a four month suspended sentence for the Ousmane Dabo assault.

What that means in practical terms is that he won't have any additional time added on to the sentence he is currently serving, with reports suggesting that he might be out in time to commence pre-season training on Monday (possibly with a security tag attached to his person).

The media are suggesting that when he is released, Messers Keegan and Llambias will then sit down with the player to discuss his future.

What strikes me is that it's all well and good (and indeed commendable) to stand by an obviously troubled player, but he must surely be entering the last chance saloon. The problem, as I've mentioned before, is that the club is presumably loathe to sacrifice an significant investment, and presumably the player's agent will be capable of finding him a fresh employer, with football packed full of arrogant managers with the belief that they can tame any player and convince them to tow the line.

So on that basis, we're left with the player earning a nice big fat salary, safe in the knowledge that he could always get another club to take him on and pay him a similarly large wage if he were sacked. After all, that's essentially what happened when Allardyce signed him from Man City last June.


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