Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cut price Porridge?

According to rumours, Porridge is likely to be faced with an ultimatum, either he agrees a £30,000 per week cut in salary, or he is sacked.

Now, if this was any normal job, you’d be quickly signing on the dotted line, grateful that your employer was still even speaking to you, and you still had a place of work to return to. However, football being what it is, I’m sure that if Porridge were to suddenly find himself unemployed, there’d be a whole host of arrogant managers queuing up for his signature, and willing to offer him a comparable salary to the one which he is currently earning.

Now, I’ve previously expressed my doubts that the club would sacrifice an asset in this fashion, and I remain of the view that, no matter how unpleasant an individual he may be, simply writing off a £5 million investment is a big step for any club to take, not least because we’d then need to pay a similar sum to replace the player. So by sacking Porridge it could cost us around £12 million, which seems highly unlikely.

However, unlike fat fred, Mike Ashley might actually have some principles and certainly seems to have the cash to afford such a stance so it might still happen, but given the way the numbers stack up, I have my doubts.


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