Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Damned if he does...

With Saturday's home defeat by Blackburn being our third in a row, and us being without a league win since mid December or, indeed, a win of any description under Kevin Keegan, it was only a matter of time before chairman Chris Mort was prompted into making a statement of support: "The board is 100% behind Kevin, and there is no doubt or worry that he will walk away".

I feel for Mort, I really do. If, under a barrage of media pressure, he had said nothing, the story would have been spun as the Newcastle hierarchy refusing to give public backing to Keegan - and yet, as it is, it'll inevitably be interpreted as "the dreaded vote of confidence" which signals that the final whistle is not far away.

It better not be. We're in desperate need of a win, to be sure, and Keegan's return has hardly inspired us to the extent that we hoped it might - but there were enough positive signs on Saturday to suggest that, if we can somehow scrape a bit of luck from somewhere, we'll cobble together enough points to stay up.


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