Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who's who

Handy pen pics from today's Guardian of Jeff Vetere and Tony Jiminez our new Technical Coordinator and Vice President (Player Recruitment) respectively. With the addition of Dennis Wise as Executive Director (Football) it seems that the review of the club which Chris Mort originally carried out, and presumably the recommendations which were made after that report, is now prompting changes.

Whilst some people might make scathing comments about the restructuring, it seems to me that implementing business models which must logically have worked for Mort and Ashley in the past should work for Newcastle in the future. Obviously, football is awash with big egos, but then so too is big business, and Mike Ashley will clearly want to see his massive investment bear fruit. So, provided everyone involved (Keegan included) knows their role and the expectations upon them, and sticks to their remit, then hopefully it will all make a big difference to the club going forward.


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