Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quote of the day

"Meanwhile, everybody else is roaring at the demeaning spectacle of Mike Ashley attending matches in a black and white shirt. Perhaps Mort should organise a whip-round to buy him a suit, a shirt and a tie. Newcastle may be a long way from London, where both men make their living, but there are such things as gentlemen's outfitters. At the moment the owner's 'man of the people' act is making the club a laughing stock".

The Telegraph's Michael Henderson, in the midst of a tediously vitriolic attack on the club's fans (apparently we're all deluded fantasists - not heard that one before, have we?). There are currently countless reasons to consider us a "a laughing stock", but Mike Ashley's choice of attire is not one of them - and may I add that Mr Henderson seems to have forgotten very quickly that until Ashley took over we had Fat Fred at the helm, a buffoon of the hugest proportions who truly did attract ridicule to the club like Joey Barton attracts trouble.


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