Thursday, November 01, 2007

Quote of the day

"Nobody's suggesting Keegan is up there with the likes of Ferguson, Arsène Wenger or the Special One. But then again ... who outside of south-west London is going to remember Chelsea's 2005 vintage in 10 years' time? Keegan may have failed when it comes down to brass tacks, but he brought excitement and romance in abundance to English football's top table, and for that he should be afforded love - and, more importantly, more deservedly, respect - for ever more."

So often pilloried for his tactical naivety and the lack of mental toughness that led to THAT outburst against Sir Alex Ferguson live on Sky, Kevin Keegan finally gets his dues, courtesy of the Guardian's Scott Murray.

Personally I was proud when he came out fighting in that interview - it was great to see someone with their heart on their sleeve, showing the same amount of passion as the fans in the stands. So well said commenter MikeN: "As for everyone wondering why Keegan's 'Love It' diatribe is remembered more farcially than anything else, remember that history is told by the victors. If Newcastle had won the league, then everyone would remember that little soliloquy as an inspiration, but United won, so it's clearly the most obvious sign of Keegan breaking under the pressure".

And naturally it had me watching the YouTube clip of the thrashing of Man Utd - Ginola's thunderbolt, Shearer's taunting of the away fans, Albert's chip... If I was back in Cardiff with access to my video collection (remember them?), I'd be sorely tempted to dig out my copy of 'Haway-5-0' and relive the full 90 minutes...


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