Thursday, November 08, 2007

Nag nag nag

Reading the news recently, us Newcastle fans could be forgiven for wondering which sport is Michael Owen's true passion.

OK, so the service to him has been dreadful in recent weeks, but he's not exactly looked that enthusiastic and committed either. By contrast, he seems to be remarkably wrapped up in the world of horse-racing - as the trial of jockey Kieren Fallon on race-fixing charges has revealed: "Michael Owen, every day texts me ... Most guys, like I say Michael Owen, would only ring to talk about races".

So, next time that long ball is hoofed over the top and you feign interest, Mick, we'll know your mind is really on the 3.25 at Haydock. And given all that cash we're paying you every week, it's neigh joke...


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