Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wor Al?

With the King of Bling (32 caps / 0 goals) on his merry way to join the Biscuit Baron's Hammers, there's a vacancy in our squad for a player with more England caps than seems sensible.

Thankfully, Big Sam has looked to plug this gap with Alan Smith (17 caps / 1 goal) who is (according to the ever reliable on Tyneside today for talks ahead of a £6m move.

In his favour, Smith is one of those players (like Barton) who always appears to be committed to his cause, albeit a player who has, at times, let his desire spill over into some slightly unsavoury on field behaviour. Whilst lacking Dyer's pace, his commitment and flexibility should at least mean the squad is no thinner for Kieron's departure.

Still no sign of any of the much needed defenders though, although hopefully last night's defeat at Hull should at least make Messrs Mort and Ashley aware of the scale of investment which is required in order for us to improve.


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