Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Money problems

According to reports, it appears that Big Sam has already been forced to hold "clear the air" talks with Chris Mort following reports that Mike Ashley is lining up a Keegan/Shearer double act to take over the club, and also over the complete lack of anything resembling a sensible transfer kitty. The Guardian suggests that Sam's got a mere 10 million to spend on transfer fees and wages.

Of course, if the King of Bling eventually goes to Spurs, that should lighten the wage bill quite substantially, even if it doesn't bring in a massive amount of cash. (Although if we keep egging his house it isn't going to help the club attract any further players, or get the best price for Dyer.)

Of course, if the Guardian's Digger column is to be believed, it won't really matter what the present owner thinks for much longer, with suggestions that he's already looking for a buyer for the club. Keen fans of company acquisitions will tell you that this suggests Ashley failed to fully investigate the club books before he started buying shares (a bit like buying a house without any type of survey) - whether this is true or not, I'm not sure, but I can't see how he's going to make any money on the deal if he flogs the club so soon after buying it. Equally, the speculation that he's keen to sell, whilst also suggesting he's keen to change the management structure doesn't really tally up.

To cap it all, the Chronicle are now claiming that we're looking to sell Obafemi Martins in order to raise some cash to buy players. Whilst I can understand the imperative to bring in new players, surely we aren't in a position where we have to sell our top scorer last season and most marketable asset. Are we?


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