Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bye five

It has been confirmed that messers Srnicek, Moore, Bramble, Bernard and Onyewu have now left the club.

Obviously, Pav leaves with our best wishes, and I also appreciated Moore's somewhat cynical and uncompromising approach to defending.

However, the others can sod off, particularly Titus who always had the potential to be a world beater, but clearly has the concentration span of a goldfish, and as a result let us down far too many times.

Onyewu never looked better than those already at the club, and Bernard's departure was a blow the first time round but this time, like his post-deadline arrival, his departure is equally low key on account of him not getting anywhere near the first team all season.

One day in to the new regime, and the first batch of departures. Admittedly all players whose contracts were due to expire this summer, but I suspect they won't be the last to be heading out of St James' Park in the coming months.


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