Thursday, March 01, 2007

Giving a little something back

We're currently seventh in the table. Yes, you read that right - seventh.

Unfortunately, we're not talking the Premiership table here. No, we're talking about the league table of fans' support for the May Day For Nurses campaign, set up to press for a fair pay deal for nurses.

The campaign was founded by Dr Noreena Hertz, who is not only encouraging fans to pledge their support (which you can do by clicking on the link above) but is also calling upon all every Premiership player to donate a day's wages towards creating a hardship fund to support nurses in the early stages of their career.

It's heartening to see that Glenn Roeder is among the managers to have lent support to the campaign - but currently only eight players have signed up, none of them from Newcastle.

So c'mon lads, dip in your pockets for a good cause - after all, you lot seem to require the professional attentions of nurses far more often than most squads. Messrs Owen and Dyer in particular should get their names down quicksmart...


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