Monday, January 29, 2007

"R" problem

From one "R" that haunts Newcastle fans to another "R" which is currently on the lips of society thanks to some ignorant women in the "Celebrity" Big Brother House.

Having been accused of racism in the December game against Everton, it has been reported that Emre is to contest the charge by way of a personal hearing due to take place at Soho Square in the next few weeks. Having studiously phoned in sick ever since the incident, it remains to be seen whether Emre is guilty - and it would be ill conceived and badly informed of me to attempt to pre-judge the situation. Suffice to say that he remains innocent until proven otherwise, and as such will continue to receive our support.

Mind, if he's found guilty, we'll be reviewing our approach to a player who at times has looked amazing, but more often than not has flattered to deceive.


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