Friday, January 12, 2007

No fun?

Ever wondered why the hell you bother with football, when it can get you so damned depressed? You're nodding, aren't you? Well, you might find the piece I've written for the latest installment of the Cheer Up Alan Shearer A-Z Of Football strikes a chord. The feature, which has got as far as E, is well worth reading for other reasons, too - not least Lord Bargain's disbelief at the sight of an escalator at Goodison Park and Skif's musings on power failures at evening games. Plus Paul takes the opportunity to rant about the Premiership plague that is the "Easy" chant.

Elsewhere, Losing The Dressing Room is the marvellous new blog from the chap previously responsible for the now-defunct It's Up For Grabs Now and for co-ordinating Finals Fantasy, the World Cup blog that kept me busy in the early part of the summer. A very welcome addition to the B&W&RAO blogroll.


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