Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Someone old, someone new, someone borrowed, someone blue?

Taking the "someone new" first, I'd like to wish a hearty welcome to Nigel Pearson, the latest addition to Newcastle's paltry coaching team. Pearson appears to meet all the criteria for a good quality coach, having previously found employment with West Brom, Stoke City and Carlisle. To be honest, anyone who can bring some extra ideas to the team, and help them take them onto the pitch is most welcome.

Personally, I'd like to see us bring in another body, to take some of the pressure off Roeder, but at least Pearson can take on the work load which was presumably done by erstwhile assistant Kevin Bond (e.g. answering the phone...)

In other news, Henry Winter has concluded that Newcastle's problems stem from the boardroom, not the pitch. In his article, Winter firmly points the finger at Fat Fred and his years of self-centred mis-management. Can't say I disagree with him, although I'm surprised it took him so long to come to this conclusion - most of us have held this belief for several years.

Glenn Roeder has apparently confirmed that Giuseppe Rossi will make his first start for the club in tomorrow night's Carling Cup game against Portsmouth.

Oh, and Ipswich might be interested in taking Titus Bramble back to Portman Road when his contract runs out next summer. Seemingly, some people never learn.


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