Monday, October 09, 2006

Setting a precedent

Having posted something on Friday about our purported attempt to claim compensation from the FA, I've now had slightly longer to think about the implications of the case.

If the club prove successful, it will have a massive impact upon the cost of international matches to each individual Football Association, as their insurance premiums will go through the roof. This in turn will mean more money having to be spent on this insurance, inevitably diverting it away from grass roots football.

In terms of it's impact, if Newcastle are successful, the names of the club and Michael Owen could well be mentioned in the same breath as Jean-Marc Bosman, having dramatically changed the nature of international football by giving even more power to the clubs who supply international teams with their players (and therefore giving more power and control to those elite clubs.)

It's no wonder the G14 are quite so interested in the outcome.


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