Saturday, October 14, 2006

Quote of the day

Nothing whatsoever to do with Newcastle, but worth quoting all the same:

"What a lucky chap to be able to dictate when he's going to get a woman pregnant! Most of us have got to wait for the old nod if you know what I mean.".

Plymouth Argyle's gaffer on Rod Stewart, of course. The man's wasted in football.

Thank fuck the BBC have seen sense and opted to balance out the idiocy of giving Kevin Nolan his own column by affording Holloway the same platform...

And how's about a quote from last week's column, just for good measure? OK then...

"I want to try and spread the support with my Bristol connection. Rovers are in the bottom division so why can't I try and convert some of them into Argyle fans? We're in the West Country so it's not that far away. Only two and a half hours away in a slow car, an hour and a half in a fast one - or 10 minutes in a rocket! As long as you aimed it right, you'd be down here really quickly. Don't land it on the pitch, though, because you'd ruin it!".


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