Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Eur havin' a laugh

Oh well, there goes this season's already very remote prospect of lifting the UEFA Cup.

This lunchtime's draw has landed us in a group with Palermo, who dispatched West Ham with consummate ease in the previous round, as well as Celta Vigo, Fenerbahce and Eintracht Frankfurt - none of them names that would be out of place in the group stages of the Champions League. Taking a look at their squads, we've got plenty to fear.

Our only consolation is that we don't need to win every game - third or better in the group will be good enough to qualify. The optimist in me suggests that I shouldn't write us off just yet, but drowning him out is the pessimist's voice, which says we don't stand a chance of even finishing third given the way we're currently playing.

But hey, at least we'll get to take a closer look at Eintracht Frankfurt defender (yes, DEFENDER! Hallelujah!) Alex Vasoki in whom today's Mirror claims we are interested.


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