Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Woody return?

According to reports, Jonathan Woodgate flew in to Teeside Airport yesterday to discuss a possible loan move to the premiership this season. Woodgate is supposed to have met both officials from Newcastle and the smoggies.

Interestingly Gareth Southgate (fresh from seeing his side get stuffed by Portsmouth) claimed "We've done everything we can to try and make it happen", whilst Glen Roeder (following our woeful showing away to Aston Villa) said of three potential new signings: "We're in pole position in all three". If the report is true, then seemingly both men are confident of landing their man, and inevitably one will be left disappointed.

Personally, I maintain that Jonathan Woodgate is the finest defender I've ever had the pleasure of seeing play for Newcastle, and provided he was fit, would be welcomed back to St James' Park with open arms. However, the problem for Woodgate (and the reason he wants to go on loan) is that over the last two years, he's been almost permanently injured, and there is little sense in recruiting a player who is going to spend more time in the treatment room than on the pitch. Equally, with Boro his home town team, I wouldn't be too surprised to see him look to take the opportunity to spend a year living at home and playing for his local team.

Hopefully, he's now a fully fit player, and presumably Madrid have spent their money ensuring nothing but the best in medical treatment has been his for two years. If so, and provided we can persuade him that a return to St James' Park is the best showcase for his talents (and I'd hope that European football might play a part here) then he's one player I'd love to have back.


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