Friday, August 25, 2006

Money for nothing

Following confirmation that Obafemi Martins has signed for the club for a reported fee of £10 million it's interesting to note that the Guardian today report on the vast fortune we've been paying to agents.

Now it's hardly news to learn that agents take a cut for any bit of work they do, but what staggered me most was the sums of money involved. It's a case of a few hundred thousand here, and a few hundred thousand there.

It almost makes the vast sums of money fat fred and dirty doug take in share dividends seem reasonable by comparison!

Speaking of which, there were also reports this week that the Belgravia Group had approached Sir John Hall about acquiring his shares in the club. A fact which they confirm on their website.

Now, I'll be honest and say I've never been Sir John's biggest fan, and I'm certainly no lover of his son, or for that matter fat fred (albeit that I've grudgingly praised his efforts in the transfer market this summer), however, I'm equally uncertain that a takeover would be a good thing.

Whilst I may get frustrated by the money they take from the club, I can't believe that an outside investor wouldn't take exactly the same dividends as the gruesome twosome. This is hardly a Roman Abramovich style Championship Manager for billionaires approach. At which point, is it not a case of better the devil you know?

As it is, I can't see fat fred wanting to part with his 28% of the shares, seeing as he'd lose his platform to spout off about the state of football, and I can't see any investor wanting to buy into a company where fat fred was keeping his feet firmly under the table.


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