Monday, August 14, 2006

Crash test dummy

What is it with Newcastle players crashing their cars? First there was Andy Griffin, who famously drove into a Metro train. Then Kieron Dyer wrapped his Ferrari round the swing bridge in the centre of town. And now Titus Bramble has proved that he can as easily lose concentration and control behind the wheel as he can on the football pitch by driving into a garden wall and writing off his BMW.

Bramble and friends were unscathed, and the crash wasn't enough to prevent the man whose header on Thursday night was as meaty as his arse from going out clubbing as planned. The best bit of the story, though, is the comment from the owner of the wall, one Eddie Sargent: "The driver was Titus Bramble but I had no idea he was a footballer. My wife just remarked, ‘What a lovely name’"...


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