Friday, June 23, 2006

The English connection

Nearly all of today's papers seem to be working themselves into a bit of a lather at the prospect of Alan Shearer reportedly being approached by Steve McClaren to assist with the national team when he takes over after the World Cup.

An intriguing possibility, and his value as a motivator is well-renowned, but last night on BBC's interactive service and on the 'Match Of The Day' highlights programme, Shearer was fairly tight-lipped in response to the rumours, without actually ruling it out: "It would interest me in the future and it's very flattering to be linked, but I haven't heard anything".

Incidentally, he was far more vocal in his mockery of old nemesis Graham Poll for his atrocious refereeing display in the Croatia v Australia match, in which he showed three yellow cards to Croat Josep Simunic. "What have Croatia and Graham Poll got in common?", he smirked, before delivering the predictable punchline with a grin: "Neither of them are going to be involved in the last sixteen..."


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