Tuesday, May 16, 2006

With these jobs you're really spoiling us

Confirmation from the club that Glenn Roeder has been appointed Manager of Newcastle United, having agreed a two year contract.

At the same time, Alan Shearer has been appointed the club's Sporting Ambassador. Aside from hosting receptions with pyramids of chocolates on offer I suspect this means that Shearer will be charged with selling the club to any player who we are looking to sign (in much the same way as he sold it to Michael Owen last summer).

On the face of it, both look like reasonably astute moves on the part of Fat Fred. Roeder's earned the opportunity to see if he can take us forward next year. However, if he does screw up, we won't be faced with a massive bill if we want to pay up his contract. Equally, the concerns that some (myself included) have about Roeder not being sufficiently renowned when it comes to attracting big players should be off-set by Shearer's involvement.

How Shearer's role as ambassador for the club will sit with his TV work remains to be seen. I can't imagine he'll be too objective when it comes to assessing the performance of a team comprising players he was involved in signing, or that presumably still pays him a wage.

Of course, the BBC have never really been that fussed about objective punditry, why else would they employ messers Lawrensen and Wright? At least with Shearer there we might have somebody who doesn't take every opportunity to disparage our performances.


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