Thursday, May 18, 2006

In and out of luck

It seems like Nobby Solano had a brush with death the other day - probably not for the first time, given the likelihood of team-mates wanting to throttle him for his trumpet playing...

Solano, back in Peru, crashed his car and admitted: "It was because of driving fast. I hit the pavement and lost control of the car". Less embarrassing than pranging your Ferrari into the swing bridge (Kieron Dyer) or driving into a Metro train (Andy Griffin), but stupid nevertheless.

If Nobby is a lucky boy, then our other flying winger Charles N'Zogbia can consider himself rather less fortunate. Having been called up for the France U21 squad for the European Championships for the very first time, he was then promptly dropped when the squad was trimmed. He shouldn't be too downhearted though - another season like the last and he should become a fixture.


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