Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Following Sunday's final whistle, the team embarked on the customary lap of honour. Unlike in previous years (notably two years ago) the vast majority of the crowd stayed behind to say goodbye to one man. Alan Shearer. For those who are not going to Thursday's testimonial, this was a final chance to say goodbye to Shearer the player, and one which seemed to genuinely touch a man who will always remain a Geordie legend.

With regard to the rest of the team, messers Owen and Luque both looked suitably sheepish given their long spells on the sidelines, whilst Shay Given and child were making the most of the lap of honour. If this is to be a farewell to the Irishman (and I sincerely hope it isn't) then he goes with our best wishes, assured of a warm welcome should our paths cross in the future. Thankfully, speaking to the BBC after the match, Shay certainly gave the impression that he was staying - in which case we can be certain of having a top class keeper next season (which is further grounds for celebration.)


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