Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Campbell swoop?

In one of those classic "some bloke I met down the pub's sister reckons..." moments, I was reliably informed by a friend over the weekend that they had it on good authority that Sol Campbell would be lining up in the centre of our defence next season (apparently someone they knew had seen him talking to Fat Fred).

Now, I'm certainly not claiming this is a nailed on certainty, and I would advise against gambling anything you aren't prepared to lose at the best of times, however, I was surprised to note that today's Guardian rumour mill is also carrying the story.

Considering the possibility, it seems clear that if someone paid the right money, Arsenal would sell, and we're one of the few premiership clubs who would be willing/foolish enough to meet Campbell's no doubt massive wage demands. (Particularly now that we are no longer paying Shearer's massive wages.)

Clearly, our defence needs an experienced leader, and if Boumsong and/or Bramble depart we'll also be short of numbers at centre-back, which again points to recruiting Campbell.

However, whether this automatically means that we'll be in for Sol remains to be seen, but depending on the money, I think we could do a lot worse.


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