Thursday, March 16, 2006

No, no, Nobby

"I'm dying to wear the red and white shirt".

Worrying words emanating from the mouth of Nobby Solano. No, not because it hints at a secret passion to turn out for next season's Championship whipping boys Sunderland - the additional word "again" prevents any misunderstanding.

No, Nobby is hankering for a return to the Peruvian national side, Franco Navarro having replaced Freddy Ternero as coach. The country's one-time captain had a falling out with the outgoing boss, but has made himself available again.

Of course this would be bad news for us. After all, it was Nobby's apparent decision to renege on an agreement to retire from international competition that soured his relationship with Sir Bobby Robson and ended in his sale to Villa. The travelling for Copa America games and World Cup qualifiers meant that he either missed games through absence or could only be included on the bench due to jetlag and tiredness.

So come on Nobby. You're in the best form now of your second spell at the club. Show your commitment to the club and rule yourself out.


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