Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Damned with no praise

Listening to Radio 5 Live on Saturday I was interested to hear Warren Barton's comments on Roeder's coaching of our defence. Not for what he said about Roeder, but more his observations on different managerial styles.

Essentially, he said that different managers have different styles of approaching coaching, and whilst some coached the defence (e.g. Roeder) others would focus there attentions on where their playing talents lay, and he used the example of Keegan coaching our strikers. He then commented that to overcome that particular disparity Keegan had brought in Mark Lawrenson to coach our defence, and they'd had about one session with him.

Yes, that's right: ONE SESSION in the four months Lawro was on the payroll. That's got to make the smug twat the best paid coach ever. I'm sure that ratio of work to pay must even put Marcelino's games to months ratio to shame.


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